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Changing Cases is an international organization dedicated to the eradication of homelessness and sexual exploitation through educating and empowering the general public on human trafficking, creating safeguarding tools for children, researching legal issues, and assisting in investigations and rescue planning.

Projects are based primarily in the Philippines and India, but many of the educational initiatives are focused in New York, Washington DC, Trinidad, Tobago and London, England.

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Chris Findley

Courier / Warehouse Attendant (Trinidad)

Changing cases is a dynamic organization which tackles the ill's of societies head on without fear or favour. Founded and pioneered by the hard working dedicated knowledgeable Ms Juanita Headley. This organization is on the right track to achieving its goals.
Doing this type of work is not an easy task but Juanita does it so well and without asking for anything in return, but your undivided attention.
Travelling the globe doing what she believes in with only God at her side makes me feel I can do just the same. It was a pleasure meeting this dynamic individual along her journey spreading and teaching the young and not so young about the realities of Human Trafficking,trying to educate as many as possible so that they may not end up being a statistic.
I will like to wish Ms Juanita Headley all God blessings on her continued journey and change as many cases as she can.


Exceptional in Trinidad and Tobago

Francis Chrysostom, Trinidadian Taxi Driver

"This Lady Attorney Juanita Headley has done exceptionally well since coming to Trinidad and Tobago with heightened awareness on human trafficking. In every presentation whether on the radio or TV or audiences, to she was clear, precise and had a commanding knowledge of the subject matter. We truly admire her dedication, commitment and sacrifice in sharing the gift that GOD has given to her together with her conviction, which is so compelling and persuasive. May you continue to perform your task assiduously wherever you go being an asset in service. GOD bless you Juanita, keep this flag of human trafficking flying high for all to see and understand what's going in in our world.
Blessings to you again."

Michael Ayoung

Petrotrin, Trinidad

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Short review of Human trafficking presentation by Juanita Headley.
The presentation was informative, hard-hitting and passionate. Juanita displayed a fantastic knowledge on the issue with many insights that I did not know even existed.
She is extremely passionate on the topic and it comes out in her presentation.
The two videos at the start of her presentation sent the tone on the serious nature of this topic and the looks, even tears on some of these teenager faces displays how home – hitting these videos really are.
The presentation then starts with the audience realizing how easy they can fall prey to human trafficking for the traffickers are able to use our own personal desires and wants to draw the teenager closer to him in order to be exploited. Juanita’s definition of love is that love is what it means to you and the trafficker is able to tap into that and that is how you are hooked.
Juanita ends her presentation with all her contact numbers plus a message of that being educated, informed and especially speaking out about on any abuse that you are going through there is hope that it will be stopped and even prevented in the first place.

Bryan Wellington

Presentation Attendee

The session held by Ms Headly was truly an eye opener into a world that we so often ignore, unless we have been personally affected by it. It can be difficult to acknowledge that people we know, may have lived or are currently living in a prison even though we see them everyday. I feel a greater responsibility to be accountable to those who may need to talk or share what they are experiencing.
I appreciated the interaction that she had with the audience, encouraging them to participate in an active discussion as this is a critical step in bridging the gap that so easily separates the broken from ever talking or reaching out.
Her presentation and examples were relevant and easy to understand and mostly resonated with her target audience.
As a Christian, my responsibility is to pray for the lost and the hurting, however prayer without works is dead. Opportunities should be sort to help further. And though the task may seem daunting, God's grace is sufficient to help.

Gasparillo Secondary Staff

Human Trafficking Discussion with Gasparillo Secondary Boys

The discussion of human trafficking led by New York attorney, Ms. Juanita Headley, was a very eye-opening and enlightening experience. I had the privilege of being present during her discussions with forms four and five male students. Her time spent at the Gasparillo Secondary School relaying to students about the realities of the issue was much needed and greatly appreciated. Human trafficking has no boundaries and given that students are especially vulnerable because of their age bracket it is of utmost importance to shed light on potential dangers that they may face.
While the scourge of human trafficking in Trinidad and Tobago may not be as extensive as in the United States, it does not decrease the significance of the problem. We live in a technology dominated era which has opened children to even more dangers of being exploited. As such, it is crucial to raise awareness, educate and empower children so that they can take measures to protect themselves against traffickers as well as other predators.
Ms. Headley has embarked on this task of raising awareness on human trafficking and sexual abuse on a voluntary basis. As one can imagine, this issue contains several sensitive elements and associated dangers to those who oppose it. Consequently, the work that Ms. Headley is carrying out is no easy task. For that reason, I am very grateful to her for what she has been doing to protect our nation’s children.
Based on the feedback I have encountered with students following her presentations, I know that the boys of Gasparillo received her message favourably. Her lecture was not only geared towards raising the boys’ sensitivity towards their female counterpart but also to emphasize that they too can be exploited. Furthermore, for many male students it was a learning experience as many of the boys were surprised to learn how pornographic material may negatively impact upon their adult lives.
More importantly, this lecture has opened up an avenue for students to recognize, voice and seek help for any related problems they are either currently experiencing or developing as well as steps they can take towards corrective action. Ms. Headley brought to it home to students that the decisions they make now can chart the course for their future. Students of Gasparillo are certainly in a better position to protect themselves against sexual exploitation.
Certainly her efforts will not be in vain as both students and adults alike have learned greatly from her message. As the old adage goes, ‘It is important to be our brother’s keeper,’ it is important to protect and care for one another. Thus, the answer should be, “Yes I can keep a secret!” Listen to those to cry for help and report any possible wrong doings.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank and applaud Ms. Headley to for her selfless, arduous and committed fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation. I wish her all the best in her future efforts.

Carapichaima East

Presentation Attendee

15th, March 2017
It was a privilege and honour to listen to the presentation/lecture given by Ms. Juanita Headley at my institution.

As an administrator with just under 1000 young persons under my care, it was fascinating to see these young people spellbound by the flow of information with which she mesmerized them.

Her visit and the information discussed was significantly relevant for numerous reasons:
abuse is in many forms a reality
human trafficking seems to be increasing at an alarming rate
the use of social media by young people has far reaching negative and dangerous effects
Juanita's obviously passion for her cause contributed significantly to her success in getting young people to listen to her.

I wish to publicly thank her for the important and crucial work which she has undertaken, and to wish her every success whenever she goes to and whichever audience she is addressing.

Never lose your passion for caring.

- Educational Administrator

Sharon King

Presentation Attendee

27 March 2017
A passionate presentation that was both timely and eye-opening. The way Ms Headley graphically showed the link between child sexual abuse/molestation, and human trafficking would be indelibly etched into the memory of all persons present.
The simplifying of the information into easily understood terms has allowed for the creation of discussion opportunities at all levels. As such, it is my belief that persons would become more proactive in the fight against this social ill.

Natasha Long

Media Consultant

Having attended several presentations hosted by Ms Juanita Headley on child abuse and human traffiking on her last visit to Trinidad in March 2017, it is noted not just the varied age audiences but that I too was deeply moved by the video presentations as well as, the facts and insights shared by Ms Headley, in her capacity not just as a lawyer but a volunteer human traffiking advocate, which is indeed commendable.
The information that was expounded has remained etched with me and has changed the way I interact and observe others while protecting myself.
Ms Headley's insightfully compelling human traffiking presentation should be available in all schools and churches to help us be our ' brother's keeper' as this situation is becoming more real and frequent today... just reading our daily news headlines.
May God continue to strengthen her as she fulfills this tremendous assignment and I encourage those who feel sympathetic or empathetic, to partner and assist in whatever way possible this cause that impact human lives affected by this global killer.

Wynthia Baker

Presentation Attendee

I was deeply moved by Ms Headley’s presentation, which took place at the OBIT. I must confess that I learnt a lot about human trafficking, it was not something I was acutely aware of or even overly concerned about. It just wasn’t part of my reality! However, during her strong, dynamic and informative presentation, I suddenly realised “it can happen to me or anyone else, any day, anytime, anywhere” I became extremely concerned!

She also made a link between sexual abuse and the probability of becoming a victim of human trafficking. This was also a shocker, so many women and men as well were victims of abuse in some form at some point in their lives. It is just adding insult to injury to know that that makes one more susceptible to these predators. This kind of awareness is needed and necessary. Ms Headley’s work in this area is a crucial arm in the fight against human trafficking as she empowers us through education and awareness.

May God bless you, Ms Headley as you continue to fight on this front!

Lisa T. Nash

Presentation Attendee

As someone involved in counselling and having been exposed to some issues myself, I am positioned in a place where I understand the dire need to educate and empower others regarding Sexual Molestation and Sexual Assault in whatever form it takes. As such, I attended a presentation on ‘Human Trafficking’ by Ms. Juanita Headley at Word of Faith Gospel Tabernacle in Williamsville, Trinidad.

This presentation aided that need, as it brought the issue home to us. It was informative, and the passion in the delivery brought a reality that many have tried to avoid. The questions she asked, were never thought of before in some cases. The videos, slides and explanations on the topic, were very appropriate and applicable. We as a people have more times than not, seen Human Trafficking as happening in some other country, and therefore someone else’s problem. The method used in the presentation brought a stark awakening.

The actual group was very attentive, indicating the impact the presentation was having on them – the reality had become very real! It exposed our vulnerability to the evils lurking around, and our lack of awareness.

In conclusion, the presentation was well appreciated.

Currie Johnitty

Presentation Attendee

I recently came to know Ms. Juanita Headley. I have heard and seen her presentations and I believe she has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of Human Trafficking and sexual exploitation. Her audience is quite captivated by her presentation, especially the young people. She very passionate about what she is doing in Trinidad. She is quite thorough and and is well organized in the way she delivers her presentation. Ms Headley gives her audience the opportunity to think about how easy it is for the unsuspecting and naive youngster to be lured into Human Trafficking.
It is my belief Ms. Headley is making a difference with her audience. It would be wonderful if she can have generous sponsors to help her deliver her presentation as she has been giving of her time sacrificially.

Jenille Charles

MIC Institute of Technology, Pleasantville

On behalf of the MIC Institute of Technology from the pleasantville and ste madeline centers we wanna thank ms juanita headley on taking the time to touch on human trafficking peadophiles child sex and abuse the information opened my insights on the indicators and the signs to always protect the messenger, its every second a child is raped sexually abused molested kidnapped and robbed of their childhood happiness and growth and cut short of being able to enjoy the activities as a child its over 50,000 toddlers teens and adults get kidnapped and forced into a life of being groomed to becoming a prostitute to live a life of hurt pain terrifying trauma and somethings they regret being alive but they didnt choose it they were robbed of their life the sex addicts stole their joy to being normal i very much understood the session we hope to see u again thank u ms Juanita Headley.

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