Juanita Headley is a New York attorney and the Founder and CEO of Changing Cases, an
organization that aims to eradicate homelessness and sexual exploitation. She is an anti-human
trafficking specialist with close to a decade of experience volunteering with survivors of
exploitation in indigent communities worldwide.
The woman that Patricia McCormick called “a warrior on the front lines of fighting the
trafficking of young people” reveals to you the importance of responding “Yes” to the question,
Can You Keep A Secret?
Juanita has guest lectured on human trafficking at universities in India and Trinidad, and has
been featured on over a dozen media outlets in the U.S., U.K., Trinidad, Tobago, Ghana, and St
Vincent and the Grenadines. Her Facebook show, CYKAS Diaries
(https://www.facebook.com/gemfmca/) is a platform for international guests to educate and
empower the viewers on human trafficking and child abuse prevention. Juanita currently resides
in London, England.