Book Reviews from Our Readers!

“Juanita Headley is a passionate and fascinating human being with a heart for combating human exploitation around the globe. She goes where few of us would be willing to go. She has an entrepreneurial mind and a missionary’s heart. Trained as a legal professional, she is able to share her insights and expertise in a unique and engaging way…. The reader is sure to find the story of her personal journey from London to New York to Trinidad a fascinating read. Be sure to share it with your friends.”
Opal Singleton
President and CEO, Million Kids
“The book is conversational, written lucidly and boldly challenging the reader to something so simple but so unconventional that I was forced to go back and re-read several times the statements that the author makes, just by asking this implicitly loaded question - the title of this book.... ‘Can You Keep A Secret?’ sounds as if someone is inviting you to be a conspirator; alluring to be part of something tantalizing or even enticing…”
Brinda Adige
Founder and Mentor, Global Concerns India, Bangalore
“Her book, ‘Can You Keep A Secret?’ draws you in and doesn't let go until the closing sentence… Her real life stories will keep you on the edge of your seat…. This book is a must read for anyone, or any organization, that is interested in confronting, and reversing, the horrible plagues of child sexual exploitation and human trafficking in our culture and world. Please, please, you must read this book!”
Larry Dershem
Esq. President, National Law Center for Children and Families
“Juanita uniquely and transparently shares her heart; her faith; and her calling to speak out against, what many consider to be this generations most horrific injustice, human trafficking and sexual abuse…”
Doug Dworak
Executive Director, Love Justice International
“Juanita is relentless with her passion and fearlessness about bringing child sexual abuse and its linkages to commercial sexual exploitation from the shadows. By honestly sharing her own secret, Juanita illustrates the importance of understanding the difference between keeping and telling secrets.… We all have a role to protect the Juanitas’ in the world from abuse and violence. Our obligation starts today.”
Nicole G. Epps
Managing Director, World Childhood Foundation (WCF)
“Juanita Headley bursts upon the pages of this book much like her life is exploding into this unjust world, battling the plague of human trafficking from Asia to the Americas and then to Europe. She is a warrior armed with an unmovable belief in her mission and energized by a holy calling.”
Thomas Estler
Founder and Director, Freedom Ladder
“While we know there is no easy or ‘quick fix,’ this book gives realistic suggestions and answers on how to handle a situation which can be equated to modern day slavery. We have a moral imperative to address the situation…. I urge you to take Juanita’s lead, be aware and make a difference. Not every secret is meant to be kept...”
Honorable Rhonda Fischer
Acting County Court Judge, District Court of Nassau County
"Juanita's story is refreshingly honest and authentic. She writes from the heart and demonstrates a sacrificial commitment to helping others. Juanita has experienced darkness and hopelessness; she has not allowed her past to crush her but instead has responded with a message of hope for others and a determination not to give up no matter what the cost."
Greg Malstead
Co-Founder, Freedom Firm
“Attorney Juanita Headley is the most dedicated person I know in the fight against global human trafficking. ‘Can You Keep A Secret?’ gives you an unprecedented look into the world of human trafficking, it will inspire you to get involved in the movement of abolishing the ancient practices of human slavery and trafficking worldwide.”
Doctor Stephany Powell
Executive Director, Journey Out
"Kudos to Juanita Headley with her tireless efforts to bring awareness to childhood sexual abuse and human trafficking. Her excellent book chronicles her passion and provides behavioral indicators for all of us to be aware of."
Nancy Rivard
President and Founder, Airline Ambassadors International
“A survivor testimonial that is a must read. It highlights the power of vulnerability and has strategies to combat sexual abuse from lived experience. Nothing can be more useful for those wishing to confront child sexual abuse and grooming."
Professor Ruchira Gupta
Founder and President, Apne Aap Women Worldwide
“Juanita is a passionate advocate for victims of child sexual abuse and human trafficking. ‘Can You Keep A Secret?’ is a very honest account of her life and experiences around the world and will provide valuable information to those seeking to assist in the restoration of those suffering in silence.”
Tim Hughes
Country Director, She Rescue Home
"Juanita Headley has written a must-read for anyone who thinks trafficking is not happening in his or her own community."
Chris Hunt
President, The Lily & The Sparrow