What You Should Do to Stop Your Children From Selling Nudes!

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  • You need parental control, right? Wrong!
  • Why your daughter should not gain “female empowerment” from the Silhouette Challenge.
  • Revealed! What you did not know about Japanese manga, anime, and porn



“This book tells of the many ways, your innocent children are exposed to inappropriate images, music, and sexual innuendos, especially through modern technology. It speaks of the innocent ways your children can be coerced into sexual abuse, incest, rape, human trafficking, and domestic violence. By reading this book you can receive wisdom, to know what signs to look for and how to supervise your children. The book shows by using the internet your children can stumble on porn sites that can change their innocent minds. I would say this book is a “ Must Have” if you desire to be a wise parent. What I like about the book, it is simply written and there are many examples as to what the writer is referring to. What I dislike about the book it is too short but there is another volume, Can You Keep A Secret. I am going to get my copy, please do the same.

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Evangelist Monica Gonzales.


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