Our Vision

Our Vision

To completely eradicate homelessness and sexual exploitation amongst men, women and children; increase the availability of non government residential, rehabilitative centers for juvenile offenders; and annihilate unemployment through the use of informal education programs, the facilitation of culinary skills training, and the creation of unique employment opportunities.
Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Dedicated to instilling hope, inspiring change, providing protection, and employment empowerment, to abused and abandoned men, women and children.

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Our Values

Creativity – Developing an environment that encourages the residents to contribute their ideas and actively participate in the structure of programs.

Commitment to Success – Remaining persistent and driven irrespective of challenges, and focusing on opportunities instead of obstacles.

Communication – Maintaining trust and confidences, the ability to appropriately deal with conflict. Willingness to disclose thoughts and concerns.

Community – Collaborating with other agencies/organizations to accomplish more than what can be done alone.

Honesty – Creating an atmosphere that recognizes the importance of transparency and consistency in speech and actions.

Integrity – Building relationships of accountability and formulating decisions that always comply with applicable legislation.

Reliable – Considering the importance of consistency and punctuality. Retaining a conscientious attitude.

Respect – Awareness of the different needs, backgrounds and experiences, and keeping an open mind. Appreciating that each person and their situation is unique, and therefore dispensing of pre judgments and assumptions.

Safety – Protecting the women and children by maintaining a high level of security, promoting an open door policy, and ensuring staff are always easily accessible.

Teamwork – Working collectively, with fair and equal distribution of all tasks. Taking full ownership and responsibility for results, actions and decisions.