Tobagonians Too Ambivalent On Human Trafficking, Prostitution

U.S. Attorney at Law, Juanita Headley, says human traffickers are using the influence of virtual technology as a conduit to expand their enterprise.

Ms. Headley spoke with members of the Signal Hill Police Youth Club on Sunday to educate them about the alarming issue of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and child abuse permeating the global society.

With the increase in sex trafficking cases globally, she elaborated on why the abusive and exploitative conditions of the prostitution trade do not make it a job to aspire to.

Ms. Headley is on a dedicated mission to alleviate the social ruptures of this worldwide problem by volunteering her aid and expertise in international societies such as Asia, and currently in Trinidad and Tobago.

She is particularly concerned with Tobagonians’ ambivalence regarding the proximity and threat of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

One member of the Signal Hill Police Youth Club spoke to C News about the merit of being enlightened about the growing threat of human trafficking to the current society.

Extracted from: C News